Writing is an art learn it


Let's learn 5 steps of how to be a good writer.

For some writing is an inborn gift, some learn it quickly and some struggle with it. If you are an inborn writer cherish this quality for it makes you an artist. You can play with words and paint a story, write a novel become poets and the list is endless. For those who learn writing by reading others is also a quality worth cherishing too. However, those who desire to learn writing but struggle with it big time, that’s is no big deal either. Here is how you can make one of the best contents.

Let's learn 5 steps of how to be a good writer.

Mostly college going students freak out with things like, “How I can find Essay Writer." What should I do? Should I not submit my assignment? A thing like writing should never freak anyone out. Everything is already within you. You need to give a little attention to a few steps. You have to agree with me on the fact that everything is difficult until you learn it. Once you learn, it becomes easy, but something is becoming easy does not mean it has no worth. It becomes your talent, cherish it, polish it and make the best out of it.


What is pre-writing? Pre-writing is when you plan to write something. It's all done on your head. You need to relax, sit back and think what you want to write about. Once you decide what is it that you want to pen down, consider what specifically you want to say about it. For example if you want to write an argumentative essay, think about the specific topic and search for positive and negative aspects. You can also refer to different discussion forums to have public opinion which will broaden up your perspective of writing. After you are done with it end up your work with an annotated bibliography to authenticate your sources.


Then comes the writing part. Here, you are supposed to keep writing whatever is on your head. Don't worry about being right or wrong. Keep writing until you feel like you have written down everything. Pause and take a break of some time. After, when you feel like writing something more, you can proceed, but if you realize this is it to the topic you have chosen, finish writing. In writing, you must always remember that there is no right and wrong in the first step. It is just noting down what is on your head that in the next step you can either change or add something similar to what you have already written.


This is the best part of writing I promise you will enjoy the most. Here in this part, you read whatever you have written. You may feel the need to change sentences, words or even the main idea itself. You might tell yourself in the third paragraph I would rather talk about something else so that the flow of paper can be maintained. When it comes to the revision, you are checking and sorting out your own mistakes, and learning from your script. You become your teacher. Isn't that exciting!!


Everything in the revision part you want to change you can put them in sequence in the editing part. From the rough draft of your revision write everything that needs to be replaced in the editing section. You may use synonyms or change a few words. Editing is where you are almost through painting a story, a colorful print is yet to come, and that part is submitting your work.


In the final part when your writing is finished, you either submit it for class if that was a class assignment or send it to some article publishers if you want your work to be published. After you publish a quality work, it’s time to reap the fruit. You see your teacher feedbacks on your work or read your article online. This is all to writing!

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