Do You Think Less Workload is the Secret to Better Grades?

In my opinion, yes, the reason behind this is the improvement in quality. Now the question that arises in mind is, how can the quality get improved if the assigned work is reduced in quantity?

The quality will have a boost indeed, because the students will be able to give all the assignments enough time to create quality work. Hence less workload leads to improvement of grades. While there are pros to the theory, there are specific problems faced too; both will be discussed below along with problem-solving.

First, let’s talk about the problems faced and their solutions.

There are going to be students who will be afraid that the assignments will be checked minutely. This will disorient them, causing panic. This means that there is a problem, now how to find the perfect solution? It can be explained in the light of an example of a student, who is given the task of essay writing.

Lucky for Millennials, being born in the age of computers and the World Wide Web gives them an edge. The student can easily ask help online by typing: “help me write my essay.” It is as simple as that; there are various sites run by experts from diverse academic backgrounds who will help you write about persuasive essay topics, documents, thesis or term papers, etc. Name it, and like a genie in a bottle, your plea will be heard.

Every student, nowadays, is given at least two assignments per subject in one week. That means the average amount of subjects that a student has to study per semester are eight, making it sixteen assignments per week.

There will be exceptional students who will be able to manage all assignments while maintaining quality and grades but, not everyone functions the same way.

The whole idea of reducing homework is to give students the window to grow their creativity. Where there is creativity, the quality bar rises too. The appreciation received after a job well done will motivate students to work harder and also help them retain what they have studied.

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