Can You Quit Smoking?

How long have you been smoking? In these years, you must have planned to quit it for good.

Yes, it is not as easy as it sounds.

It takes a big heart to quit smoking.

Will is Stronger than Nicotine

Willpower is what defines humans. We can never measure the true potential of willpower.

Nevertheless, it becomes challenging to pursue willpower when it is committed to quitting smoking.

If you are really committed to quitting, test your will.

Take the Challenge

Many smokers claim they will quit gradually and slowly. Well, they are aware they cannot and thus make weak commitments.

Believe me; make a commitment and throw the pack away.

It can be left for once and all through willpower.

Take your time to go to bed. Before sleeping, think what exactly willpower is?

In the end, take the challenge to throw the pack in the morning and stick to the commitment.

You will be Killed Anyways

Smokers often say that everyone is bound to taste death. They will do the same let cigarette be the catalyst. Well, they are living in a fool’s paradise.

It kills you slowly and painfully. Damaged lungs, poor heart condition, throat and mouth cancer, filthy teeth and what else, disgusting death awaits you.

Do these conditions sound crisp? If yes, keep on smoking and taste death this way.

Family Matters

Add the family factor to fuel the willpower and stay dedicated to quit smoking. It is you. Yes, none other will come to rescue you. Do not think you are a student who cries write my essay to call a writing expert.

If someone motivates you, perfect. Your will power is bigger than external motivation.

Gear up to see the magic of your will power and prove you possess the heart of a lion.

Throw the pack away!

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