Best Opinion Essay Topics & Ideas for High School

Need to submit an opinion essay soon? No idea what topic to write your opinion essay on? Wondering where I can get the best ‘write my essay help? 

Choosing a great opinion essay topic can become a real challenge. You need to explore relevant opinion essay ideas and choose suitable one for a good argumentation. When a professor asks for an opinion essay, it means you need to come up with a formal piece of writing on a particular topic. 

Your essay must represent your personal intake on an issue that you are addressing. For a great opinion essay, you must maintain academic style throughout your paper for an opinionated writing. It is important to mention the opposite viewpoint as well before concluding the essay. 

Assigned to write an opinion essay and have not even started yet, this article is for you. Opinion essay writing is not an easy task so might be wondering who can help me write essay for me? The following list of interesting opinion essay topics and ideas will help you get started. 

Some excellent opinion essay Topics & Ideas

Here are some amazing opinion essay topics from the best paper writing service for you to start the writing process immediately. 

  • Should minors vote? What are your thoughts? 
  • How narcissism and social media relate to each other? Provide reasons 
  • Discuss the impact of Inaccurate sleep patterns. Provide reasons 
  • Write about the negative effects of violence in the media coverage
  • What are the pros and cons of online streaming? 
  • Why is it important to build a strong brand identity for your business? 
  • What are the benefits of distance learning? Provide examples 
  • Discuss the major benefits of electric cars
  • Gender bias in Ancient Rome ruling
  • Socialism: list down the advantages and disadvantages 
  • Should there be a limit in freedom of speech?
  • How to eliminate corruption? Discuss 10 different ways 
  • Write about the abolition of slavery controversy 
  • Write about the dangers of globalization
  • Do you think movies and TV programs influence how people act? Give reasons and examples 
  • Are private prisons ethical?
  • Why do people attend college? Share a variety of different reasons 
  • What one thing you can change in your city if you are able to do so? Share reasons with examples 
  • Why travelling is one of the best ways to learn about new cultures? Share your thoughts 
  • What qualities are must to have in a good supervisor? Provide details and examples 
  • People should occasionally do things that they do not enjoy. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Some say there are occasions in which it is better to lie. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your stance with examples
  • Is it better to use money as you earn it or save it? What are your thoughts? Support your position with examples
  • Is progress always a good thing? Provide details and examples to explain your position
  • One of the most commonly used expressions is ‘never give up’. Do you agree with this example? Provide specific examples in support of your position
  • The most important component for success is self confidence. Do you agree with this expression or not? Provide examples and reasons 
  • Some people prefer to travel alone and some with companions. What do you prefer and why? Support your response with examples
  • One of the main reasons people work is that they need money for living. Provide other reasons why people work and support your response with examples

These are some of the best and latest opinion essay topics and ideas and you can choose from. You can get help from professionals if you are not sure how to present your opinion in the best way possible. 

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