Beginners guide to help you write a dissertation or thesis

Writing a dissertation or thesis is not an easy task. A thesis can have a huge effect on your final transcript. You can ace all your grades but the end, your final project and thesis count for everything.

No matter how good your grades were, it will be all for nothing if you fail to present a successful thesis or dissertation.

A dissertation writing includes research and discussion on a specific topic. It is not like an ordinary essay. You can write an essay in a couple of hours if you pay attention.

Some students who have habit procrastination think that they can do everything in a night. This is not the case with a dissertation. You will be surprised to know that you cannot write a dissertation in one night. It requires lots of research and is a lengthy piece of academic writing.


Your dissertation should start with the abstract. The abstract is a summary of your entire thesis and what you are going to discuss in it. It also includes your research question and the chapters outline.

When your professor or anyone else starts reading your thesis, the first thing he will see is the abstract. Make sure that your abstract is well written and includes all the main points of your thesis.

A thesis or a final project is the alternative of final exam in disciplines such as humanities. They have different forms, but typically it is a paper that comprises everything a student has learnt in their respective discipline.

When it comes to choosing the topic for your thesis paper, some professors like to guide the students towards a more generalized area and you can narrow it down and come up with a more targeted topic.

Before you start writing the introduction, you must first identify the audience. Since you are to write a thesis paper as a part of your school work, then your main reader is your professor grading your paper.

Also, think of your reader as someone who isn’t a specialist in your field --- write in such a manner that strengthens their understanding.

Add all of your key points and let the reader know what else is included in the paper. Explain the main argument in the body and at the end briefly discuss the supporting details.

It is highly important to mention those students who are pursuing masters degrees in their respective fields. They have an utmost responsibility to write and submit ms thesis through out their masters degree programs. However some of them who doubt their writing skills prefer to get ms thesis help from PHD level qualified academic writing experts working for a legitimate online writing service. This helps them to earn good grades in academics and helps them to avoid the fear of losing grades.

If you are about write ms thesis on your own follow the infographic below to get some interesting tips and tricks about thesis writing.  

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